Closer inspection of the affected area. Inspection shows rivet gun and pneumatic drill tool marks.2016_06_30 9_50_04 AM2016_06_30 9_49_16 AM2016_06_30 9_49_10 AM2016_06_30 9_49_24 AM This picture shows a problem area that a stress crack would probably form. The rough corner needs to have an acceptable radius replace the ragged edge.2016_06_30 9_49_00 AM2016_06_30 9_48_46 AM2016_06_30 9_48_38 AM2016_06_30 9_48_12 AM


Drilled out the blind rivets holding F-742-L & R Aft Seat Floor to the seat floor ribs. Also drilled out the blind rivets holding F-747-L & R Baggage Floor panels to the baggage compartment ribs.2016_06_21 8_20_36 AM2016_06_21 8_20_18 AM2016_06_21 8_20_04 AM2016_06_21 8_19_50 AM2016_06_21 8_19_34 AM2016_06_21 8_15_02 AM2016_06_21 8_14_26 AM2016_06_21 8_11_30 AM2016_06_21 8_11_08 AM2016_06_21 7_59_36 AM2016_06_21 7_59_28 AM2016_06_21 7_58_58 AM2016_06_21 7_58_40 AM  I found screws and un-bucked flush head rivets beneath the removed panels.


Pre-Buy Inspection of RV-7A in Valencia, CA industrial park. I had two friends help me check out the 2011 originally purchased RV-7A Tip-Up kit. Both friends had completed RV-8s from quick-build kits.Fuse_FrontFuse_1Fuse_2Fuse_BackRight_Wing_ws_3Wing_StandLeft_Wing_ws_1Left_Wing_ns_1Flaps_Ail_Tips_1Plans_Parts_1Parts_VS_2HS_3HS_1HS_2


Part W-414-L Aileron Hinge Bracket Assembly (installed by previous builder) was install canted inboard causing potential interference with the port aileron. The rivets were drilled out and a new W-414C-L angle was fabricated from AA6-125X1x1 stock. The other components of the W-414-L assembly were salvaged and re-used. Rivet holes were matched drilled from W-712-R Outer Rib and W-414A-L Plate and W-413B-R Plate. Vans calls out the mating surfaces to be primed. I use process of Alumiprep 33, Alodine, and AKZO primer.





The rivets attaching the aileron attachment point to the rear spar needed to drilled out a new part fabricated and match drilled.

DSC_0004 DSC_0005DSC_0006